Is liquid chlorophyll actually good for you ?

Is liquid chlorophyll actually good for you ?

I have always wondered about this claim. Is liquid chlorophyll good for you? I have read some compelling articles of people claiming that it is the new fountain of youth. Some people even claim that this magical elixir has been around for centuries. I have learned that many people have had different claims made about it, so I went on a quest of my own to find the truth behind it. Liquid chlorophyll is a colorless, tasteless liquid that is a byproduct of chlorophyll production in plants. It's a common byproduct of plant chlorophyll production and is also a byproduct of animal blood production and produced from the breakdown of plant matter from decomposition.

 It is a usable substitute for both chlorophyll and blood. The mechanism of action for chlorophyll is very similar to the process of chlorophyll breakdown. Chlorophyll is essential for photosynthesis, which is the process of producing energy through light energy. Pheophytin, a byproduct of chlorophyll breakdown, is also a vital building block for making vitamins.

 Chlorophyll is a chemical in plants, and it's been used for centuries in herbal remedies. In nature, it's found in leaves, but it doesn't have a lot of calories . It's a natural food dye, and it comes in a variety of colors - green, red, yellow, blue, and purple. The green version is the most frequently used in nature, and it's what you find in green tea and spirulina supplements. 

Is liquid chlorophyll actually good for you ?
 Liquid chlorophyll is sold as a dietary supplement to help the body produce enzymes that are needed to break down plant cellulose to improve the absorption of other nutrients in the body, and aid in the production of vitamin K. Recent scientific evidence suggests that liquid chlorophyll does not provide these benefits in the human body, and in fact, may present serious health risks to consumers. 

Many people are now taking liquid chlorophyll because it is purported to help detoxify the body and improve overall health. Making people healthier, so is this stuff just a scam? What is liquid Chlorophyll? Is it real? Is it safe? Is it even dangerous? In conclusion, that study of people having a heavy meal and then taking a chlorophyll pill found that those who took the chlorophyll pill could feel more full and had a decreased appetite for up to two hours after the meal. Chlorophyll might not be a silver bullet for weight loss, but I think it is a safe supplement to help improve the health of the human body.  READ MORE

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